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as in horse-exei'cise ; collections of hardened faeces in the colon ; re-

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colored. Under this aspect of the case, your Committee propose

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Without attempting to decide dogmatically upon the solution d

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removed, and the blood itself must be returned to the heart robbed of

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with strength to navigate the ship. Fortunately, a small vessel

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fiery aether, as the efficient and primary cause of motion throughout

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642. If the abnormal sounds accompany the first beat of the heart,

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must bear this fact in mind. If, in the early stage, the disease appears

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This change gave evidence of the formation of ammonia^ and ns

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side, under my own hand and eye. The greatest care was exercised

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A valuable and interesting chapter is devoted to Headaches and the

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in the state of irritation a mild moist climate. In both states of

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monia, in doses of from five to ten grains, with wine, or with the

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cesses of secretion and nutrition going on in the parts to which the

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Causes. — Predisposing. Childhood, youth, and middle age (it

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the salicylates to be able to discover some other manifest rheumatic

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frequently slowly and almost imperceptibly, being preceded by a period

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and are governed by all the laws and phenomena of inorganic

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the cases of vesico-vaginal fistula can be prevented.

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sphere. It is greater during the day than during the same number of

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frequently start out of bed with a loud shout. Complained bitterly

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in numbers as they extend upwards ; and as the existence of man

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We do not see, therefore, because old ideas have to be abandoned,

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same number of years, from 1 in 10 to 1 in 5, the average of the whole

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physical prostration, as if from a suddenly induced profound anaemia,

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it would appear to signify typhus or typhoid fever. Again, "putrid

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atmosphere and ocean had been so constituted that currents were

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the body is erect, and the respiration tranquil, is felt between the fifth

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which sweating is possible. Now this is not a mere splitting of straws,

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attention of individuals affected with particular diseases — ^pnblidj

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of the relations of the vital force to the matter of each organ and

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itself into the pericardium, into the pelvis of the kidney, or into the

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indication, are emetics and purgatives. The emetic may consist of a

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