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sequent attack of malarial fever. Judging by the extent and
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action decidedly acid. AfLer standing 12 hoars no deposit ; after
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April 30th. No shock; three slight convulsions during night and
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lobules. The liver cells within the area have lost their nuclei ; but the
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and Secretaries of the Association are hereby authorized to carry
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beauty, is perhaps an ideal . compoLuided of the perfections of many
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of inflammation. To complete that theoiy, it is necessary to take into
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fauces and tongue are arid and inflamed, the lungs often partake of the disorder,
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the pleura, peritoneum, &c.; the several appearances of the skin already
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of its combinations, by the kidneys, is an example of partial suppres-
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color. The pulp of the spleen presented nothing peculiar under
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For deaths, the great thing desired is, that no dead body be
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swelling of the mucous membrane, constriction of the tubes, obstruc-
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salicylate, and antipyrin had no such effect. The acetonuria of gastric dis-
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other symptoms of local distress. The applications of iodine may be
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sive discharges, as hyperlactatio, leucorrhcea, menorrhagia, diarrhcea,
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peritonitis ; stomach contained a large quantity of food ; moderate
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ceived immediately by the brain, as the following demonstrates : 1. The tormina
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is motion, has been confirmed, enlarged, and extended to the
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by the careful observer. The pulse will be more minutely examined
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the bladder they may cause cystitis. Microbes alone are not able to
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738. Many substances, which have the effect of increasing the
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five out of six cases the pulse in phthisis exceeds the highest number
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tricles, and the contraction of the auricular appendices which imme-
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organ of vision are called ocular spectra, or spectral illusions.
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water flowing in these rivers may be taken as an index of the force
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of one or two grains of calomel, with four or five grains of rhubarb
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only be absorbed, but may be distributed thi'ough the circulating
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12. Besolations introducing new business, and instructions to
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cerebral and spinal nerves, the same pleziform division, and, when examined with
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2^'iepce, Daguerre,^* and Draper," have resulted in the establiah-
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neys, and the result of 540 examinations may be briefly stated as follows :
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