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tests now used for acuteness of vision— is univer-

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mouth was drawn upwards and to one side, accompanied by ptosis of

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the natural size, and the gonorrhea had ceased entirely.

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the past and predict the future. But the surface of the earth abounds

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But you are told that you may be called on to decide questions of

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Itch, the parts affefted being bathed there with, and

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was requested by this gentleman's medical friends to visit him. On

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arrangement is a distinguishing character. Bichat classified the

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not quite as good; he thought; as formerly. I explained briefly to

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should do triage at all places but only by reference to his diagnosis tag.

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mention has been already made of the frequency at this time of dysen-

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same affections that you are now making such a time over ; and, if

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In passing, it is interesting to observe that nobody who hired Mary

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the same day, held one of its very best meetings. The uniformly

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weak. Merc, cor, 2^^, and Ars. 200, had brought such relief in

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with a proportional quantity of Water and Salt ; to

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Gregg said that he had seen cases, occurring during an epidemic of

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tance to his own residence. On coming near to a bridge which is tlirown

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ably proved by the Scotch epidemic of 1843-44, in which cases of yellow

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effect, and also that of the bayonet, is obvious, so that nothing further

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October 5, fourteen days after her arrival, a laundress was taken sick with


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