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The pulse generally increases in frequency and is marked by a peculiar

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The spleen of an Irish laborer, who died suddenly in a eongestioe

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organs ; that the one may be vicai-ious of the other is shown by the

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* Waldeyer: Diffuses Eierstocksfibrom von eigenthtimlichen Baue. Archiv f. Gyn., 1871,

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not made, or, if undertaken, was improperly pursued. Javorski 2 has

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woman, who has had for several years epileptoid seizures, and on whom

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583. Again, wherever the substance of the lung is thin, the sound on

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auce of such good offices. Poverty, professional brotherhood, and

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the malarial fevers of this, and other countries passed through.

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> The Ck>rrelation of Physical Forces, hy W. B. Grove, first ed., 1846 ; third ed.,

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toms of fever towards evening ; followed at night by profuse sweat-

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tion of one serous membrane is sometimes followed by that of another,

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Causes. — Predisposing. The female sex ; middle age ; intem-

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act definitively until the place for next year's meeting should be

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cially upon this since both Ewald 1 and Einhorn, 2 who have reported

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empiricism something of a rational character. For example, though

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from one of two causes; from violent contraction of the muscular coat

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development of the forces — still, the knowledge of the physiological

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to treatment, that, as seen in the mortuary table, only three deaths,

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price at which the printed Transactiom of each session will be fur-

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cured by intra-nasal operation. This patient, a merchant of forty-two years,

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that gummata are due to the local presence of the microbe of syphilis

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woodcuts have been prepared for this work. Much of the

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I. During the paroxysms. — The fits may be greatly relieved by a

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elevation or depression, even to a great extent^ of the temperature

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follows that any deficiency of the necessary elements of the soil

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noma with absence of free HC1. Others, including, in this country,

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eighth of this chapter, shall receive for each full report of a death made


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