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Karlsbad, Wiesbaden, &c., have long enjoyed a high and deserved
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forme, or dermatitis herpetiformis, may also be remarked upon. Both the
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the power which they exercise over the capillaries : they are also
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due to the bacillus typhosus, the progress of the complication was slow, so
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slight clouds consisting of mucus form in the urine, and gradually fall
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present. The respiration is usually unaffected. Upon the stomach the
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takes place, and with the previous condition of the pleura. When, in
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of the relations of these to each other ; would demand a knowledge
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plexuses, appear to form a perfect connection between the animal and vegetable
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there was no maternal mortality, and an infantile death-rate of 24 T 7 7 ff per cent.
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mercury should be given in small doses, so as to affect the mouth, or the
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struck by the large amount of exudate present in many cases. Thus, in fifty
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teristic. Redness, pain, increased heat, and swelling are symptoms or
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diathesis ; adult age. The male sex ? particular formation of the
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cases of inoperable sarcoma, therefore, nine cases promise to be permanently
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The cortical and medullary substances, the cerebellum, pons
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is well established that the circulation of the blood through the
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which he had frequently been warned. The case is similar to one reported
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able substitute for sodium salicylate, and possesses valuable properties in
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albumen is diminished in malarial fever; whilst the extractive
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respiration, and temperature in diseases, is of the greatest import-
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are our gateways to the past, representing a wealth of history, culture and knowledge that's often difficult to discover.
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length was given, with the assm'ance that the stick of the thief Avould
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of all arts, " whose history is constant innovation and continual
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deaths. The stillborn, too, should be so placed in the table as to
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ports to be an " aid in making a diagnosis," it would seem to us that, in
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racter of the surface, and the general declivity of the land, the
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tigators, and modern investigations have demonstrated that an
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condition of the English navy is clearly exhibited in the fact that
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Jewell, Pa.; E. D. Fennbb, La.; and J. W. Houck, Md.


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