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Anatomical Characters.— The disease consists in inflammation
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parts of the system. In all febrile affections, m the more severe
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Symptoms. — The disorder occurs in paroxysms or fits, generally
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internal organs. A remarkable case is given by Silbermann in
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of the nurse, got out of bed and attempted to walk across the floor,
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portions; the mucous membrane of the lesser curvature of the
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cesses an estimation of the solid matters and the urea of the urine is impor-
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The patient died at one o'clock A. M. this morning.
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this disordered action afEect the nutrition of the M^Uariesf
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systems, and of all these organs, and tissues, and apparatus, are
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Dr. Heryng, of Warsaw, said that tubercle of the larynx might heal
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had cooked dinner this day, and was attending to his dnties at the
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membrane (interlobular emphysema). The lungs increased in volume.
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During the latter period, accordingly, the liability to the diseases just
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" The doctrine that the causes of /ever first affect the cerebro^incU nervous ^fstem
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a. The first indication is fulfilled by the avoidance of sedentary
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No doubt, micro-organisms may infect as readily, perhaps even more
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individual cases the cutaneous eruptions were often of the most varied
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aurium, characterize it as a medicine that produces in the innerva-
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must also, but in a much smaller degree, interfere with the chemi-
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method of treatment adopted^ this patient tuill die just «a the previous
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liver at the same time, we combine the mercurial purgatives with
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a muddy or brown color, and sometimes an oily appearance.
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in serum or pus ; false membranes binding the folds of the omentum,
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the recurring spells of profound prostration and ansemia. In both of
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directly antagonistic to the action and effects of the malarial poison.
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of the southern peninsula, from the head of Thunder and Grand
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parilla, with a milk or vegetable diet, now and then removes a hectic


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