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In the early stage of the eruption, the papulte on the alas of the nose

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mode in which the cerebral and spinal nerves, and the nerves of the abdominal

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season ; cold climates ; fatigues and hardships ; preceding attacks of

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the class of astringents, such as dilute sulphuric acid, in doses of

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August, September and October — the four months of its greatest

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become gaseous. Many of the gases have been reduced first to fluids, and secondly

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Immediate discontinuance of sterilization was recommended, and the

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measuring 6 feet 11:^ inches. He also ascertained that the capacity of

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severity until the appearance of the menstrual discharge, and then

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muscles takes place : but as there is a balance of strength in favour of

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censure, if any has been applied to them. And they further add,

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After a shorter or longer continuance of the second stage, the pulse

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in the epidermis as well as in the hair-follicle, contrary to the opinions of

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but for different frequencies of the pulse, it has varied from 1 to 2*61

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may occur, the author says, in the most carefully treated cases.

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the stomach, and were motility permanently impaired with secretion, it


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