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for instance, is it se«»n recorded that a patient's
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tially interrupted ; as it usually is by the pressure to which the animal
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of tetanus, and the surface of the hody became exquisitely tender to the
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article upon the action of some important drug, which concludes by
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developed during the twenty years of his practice in the city. At the
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with erysipelatous inflammation of the face and scalp. The disease
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reason of the fact that nearly everything they eat is subjected to the heat
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lethargy ill becomes professed progressive medical men, I am pleased
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is most usual in children of a scrofulous temperament, and it is seldom,
chloramphenicol pharmacological class
Medica; Philadelphia. The Ohio Medical and Surgical Reporter; Cleveland,
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IV. The Leffer Stone Bafil, has like Roots, Stalks ,
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ment of sensibility, and the power over the rectum and bladder was
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is very full of mijlure,fift,rndiifi or yellowijh , of
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of general education, have we any reason to be ashamed of the
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temperament, dark hair, blue eyes : has been troubled with pro-
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in tlie small of the back. She passed a sleepless night, and next day
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cess. You recollect a case of tliis kind in the hospital, which the stu-
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mercurials, absorbents, acids, stimulants, tonics, blisters, cliloride of
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Hefi'ernan on the 6th day. His headache had been relieved by leeching,
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and the inflammation of the kidney had not advanced to the stage of
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sister were attacked, in exactly the same way, a few days afterwards,
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drop, until the copper solution is exactly decolor-
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any organ is very much modified by the state of its capillaries. The
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of so much good, let it form a part of the education of young persons
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and when at rest after motion, and at night ; worse sitting and
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and-bit reform of a double quotidian into a simple quartan.
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ten grains of hydrargyrum cum creta, four times a day ; and with the
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of an inch ; fresh tumefaction of the neck ; pulse quick ; skin hot and
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strikingly corroborative of this explanation. A young gentleman la-
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ness were lost, and nothing hut the power of swallowing remained.
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the general lethality of the vaccinated patients to
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Gentlemen — I have now laid before you at some length the arguments
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fides, and often times on or near Dunghills in molt
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Giles M. Pease, M.]^., from 636 Tremont St. to 77 Dartmouth St., Boston.
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