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ments of the International Association of Railroad Surgeons.

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plea Dr. Barton Cooke Hurst urges all of our medical schools to

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sions like today is not what we hear, but the suggestions that these thoughts


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and the name, anaesthesia, coined by a distinguished physician

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lately observed much improvement in a patient who has taken it

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with regard to Similia, there seems to have been something in the

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has become customary to regard pneumonia as a general pneu-

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the popularity of this book or the genuine worth of the work in its previous

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this work, to all mankind. After six years of hard, conscientious

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the Thiersch method has proved more or less unsatisfactory. — To

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count of pain, was cured in two treatments; there was no pain

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Volumetric Analysis. Sutton. 10th Ed. ,$,5.50. P. Blakiston's Son & Co.

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or second injection. The method of administration employed was

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the general and the obvious, they planned for the least of the

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hemorrhagica interna, general cerebral congestion, atrophy of cerebral gyri,

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amend our by-laws as to bring about a greater degree of unifica-

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that these mental complexes need no purposive activity and for

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Mentally she was depressed over her condition, was generally nervous

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itself into a great political machine or trust for the sole purpose of

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the type of fracture which confronts him, and to better asepticize

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month the left fingers, but there was some noticeable motor weak-

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George Smith Adams was born of Scottish parentage at Nor-

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favorably. All these reports are of such a character as to make

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ing two or three minutes, while constantly crying out for water,

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a satisfactory' figure, and for that reason I would move, if anyone will second it, to amend

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placed on the ordinary motor points or well towards the extremity

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24, 25, 26 and 27. An extremely interesting program has been prepared,

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ovary or tubes should be well understood lest we place at the door

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the Haynes Memorial. It is to be hoped that means to carry

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Improvement after a period of eliminative treatment. Labor was

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The day following admission there was considerable motor restlessness

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Florida, besides the District of Columbia. New York, Boston and

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ment more delayed, the dose becomes smaller and smaller. In

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the American Institute of Homoeopathy at Pittsburgh, June 16-22, will

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profession is wrapt up in that of the public, and the very moment you put the professional

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Mix, A.M., M.D., are well nigh indispensable for the busy physician in

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with various disorders, that taken alone it has little or no value.


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