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and now then comes into use opium for its action upon nutrition, belladonna

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effect of mercury in tertiary syphilis may be used as a slight argument

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a free orifice in the arm, to be repeated, if necessary, proportioning

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Tocal fremitus, and fegophony. If adhesion takes place, the friction

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When the disease is confined to one or two joints, local applications

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bladder, diseased prostate, stricture of the urethra, &c., consult

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The spinal marrow and its membranes are liable to the same diseases

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Examinations by Javorski's method for pepsin and lab and their pro-

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was no dulness, but at the apex of the left lung there were many moist

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But the " Schieffelin " pill has a higher claim for recognition than any thus far

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Idiotie" (Prager med. Wochenschrift, 1894, No. 39-45. Ref. Central-

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lead-poisoning with interesting features. The patient's occupation was

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flammation of the kidney. Mechanical obstruction in the ureters.

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Treatment. — Mechanical support. Tonics or stimulants, accord-

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alum with twice its weight ; and acetate of lead with seven times its

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rounds of the wards at 9 o'clock P. M. Shortly after this he com-

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16,144. The nurse states that this is the whole amount that has

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malady, and will be best considered under the heads of: — 1. The in-

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conclusion that the small globules in question were small masses of chromatin

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quahty of the articles of which it consists, it is wanting in the essen-

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portions of the brain. This was, without doubt, due solely to the

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the exterior liquor sanguinis to the interior cellular fluid.


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