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condition of the blood (the impurity consisting in the excess of some

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or body. The treatment consists in local depletion by leeches or

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deaths when the circulation was exceedingly feeble.

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ducmg organic disease is not limited to the secret-

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skin of the lower extremities is extensively involved ; the ankles are a

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amount of golden-colored serum effused into the cellular tissue of the

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in some cases. The irritable cough, first observed by Charcot, was noted in

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however, the stronger astringents may be necessary, as catechu,

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life, the means of correcting the error are before us. If we have

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meatus for the relief of catarrhal deafness with considerable success.]

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This ship yard is located on the Savannah River, about five hun-

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tions of the lungs have been turned aside to the right and to the left.

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and particularly among children was severe and fatal. In many

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frequently remains entire, the patient retains his intellectual faculties,

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Diagnosis. — From enteritis, by the peculiar twisting pain and

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sumption; lungs, inflammation of; dysentery^ dyspepsia, &c.

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saline cathartic as preliminary treatment, then y^ of a grain each of calomel

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the full investigation of the important subject. The request was

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such a manner that, amidst an innumerable number of complex

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varying in situation with the inflamed part of the intestine, and

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I. The first indication is best fulfilled by nauseating doses of tartar

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cord ; similar affections of the muscles of the face (with the exception

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is also, from the large proportion of carbon which it contains, admi-

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be relieved by castor oil, or some simple saline aperient.

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subject of one and the same disease, such as typhus fever, or small-

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are always formed of nuclei, generally abundant, surrounded by a gran-

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