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our medical schools. Especially he sought acquaintance with the

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0.20-1 G. (3-15 gr.) a day. They are given in mixture, to which is best

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Of course whatever causes the retrogression of the disease as such,

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A similar difference of opinion prevails in regard to the use of iodine.

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died on the ninth day, and at autopsy presented the lesions

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gested, and here and there the leftlung showed patches of apoplexy.

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Neuberg and Reicher, "Lipolyse, Agglutination und Hamolyse," Biochem. Ztschr., 1907, 4, p. 281;

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The following diseases are excluded from this discussion: (1) All

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trols received subcutaneously an equal volume of sterile NaCl

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and when each pilgrim drank a little of the water as a religious cere-

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students of zoology. There are instances, however, in which this

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tinguish it from that curve produced by weakness of the abdominal

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M. Despine holds that there is no remedy for a moral disease but

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' The fact that a highly lytic serum may show an apparently low opsonic power has been demonstrated

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requesting that you will do us the honour of forwarding them to the Lord

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that in interstitial nephritis (polyuria) a very abundant or exclusive milk

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cussion of the subject ; and, on the motion of the Lokd Provost, a

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own writings in the text, which we found to be the case, but which

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ever due to the digitalis where it is being employed in the former lesion.

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you rose above the filthy smells. For half a mile out the inner

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have not an influence on the number of these cells is not at

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