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is an improper one, since it expresses an erroneous idea as to the origin

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1 Memoir on tlie Blood-proper and Chylaqueons Flnid of Invertebrate Aniyn^^s

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. the well-marked chill, however, are absent. The temperature of

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upon the chill, the relations between the temperature of the trunk

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part of the frame, as the ergot of rye, which stimulates the muscular


with tuberculosis of the lungs and peritoneum, from which he died. The

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of the existence of matter in a state of perfect freedom from the

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said to be independent of all others. All bodies attract each other,

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The chief indications for operation, the author says, are the presence of pus,

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external surface, the recipients of external impressions^ and the internal cerebral

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peeled out of its bed of adhesions and removed. A small tumor of

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the cuticle. To facilitate absorption by the skin, friction is used, by

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hydrobromate, a permanent, slightly hygroscopic salt, of the formula

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chiefly to its antizymotic action. But in cases with absent HC1 it is

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" Africa has a sea-coast of onlj 14,000 geographical miles, whilst it ooTen an

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any swelling remain after the inflammation has passed away, friction

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given off from the body itself, the decomposition of animal and vege-

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tabes with trophic lesions of the jaws, including nine cases of necrosis.

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ing a weak solution of soda, or of soda and salt, and never distending

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few places in which any disease may not appear ; and, therefore,

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movement of the iris to the so-called accommodation reflex (see below)

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the slightest touch occasions pain. This is a sufficient objection to

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iron, in small quantity, with traces of phosphoric acid, iodine and

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and pepper. Some of these remedies have a specific action upon one

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" That this indeed may take place, is taught by numberless instances of mental

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out marked local reaction, and with particular or sole involvement of the


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