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ease to any one or more groups of ganglion cells. The overgrowth in the

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Urine passed this morning high colored. Urine passed during

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and restoring health. There are two classes of persons to whom it is

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The generation of any force — vital^ nervous^ chemical^ or physical — in

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Superior portions of the lungs (leaving out of view the tuberda)

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size are extremely variable; that while ordinarily round, they are some-

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17th. The sanitary principles applicable to the construction (£

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scientific control exercised over the process. The old works at Stralau, on

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the mere drawing off of the excess of water — where is the proof

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cess originating in an early part of the embryonal life of the individual,

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are present, they must be removed by purgatives and diaphoretics,

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the deposition of some of the tertiary strata. The great mass is

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are the state of the lungs themselves, and of the pleura by which

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carcinoma, and, excluding the rare cases in which fragments of the tumor

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was not altered, notwithstanding that it was exposed to the action

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oil, and small doses of the hyd. c. cretsi. The diet must be that

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and yawning, in the muscles of respiration ; the nerves of sensation,

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In a series of experiments which I made 2 in Cases I. and III., and

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followed by invasion of the sphenoid sinus, abscess of the brain, and death.

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monious action — such are the chief constituent parts of this machine.

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one moment lose sight of the fact that the great questions after all

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the physician has to perform at the bedside, and everything depends


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