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605. In addition to the sounds just described, there are others

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larger areas to contain coccidia ; small areas, however, do not contain

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(d) of the consistence of the blood, and (<?) of the state of the aortic

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ous, intellectual, and moral phenomena ; would demand a knowledge

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tation. The trachea, bronchial tubes, and air-cells contained much

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nature. When the effusion is purulent, ulceration is apt to occur in

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tremities felt cooler, and his pulse was more feeble than it is now;

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mucus. Under the microscope pus presents a number of opaque

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In the large cavities of the body — the abdominal, thoracic, and cranial

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influences which we call climate is the predisposing cause of a great

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practical deductions, not commonly received, we omit details.

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passes from about the junction of the middle with the lower third of the leg,

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S«ndt. Oily » limited number of cases are received. Applications and all inquiries should be addressed,

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was retained easily, and assisted greatly in producing the accommodation of

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increased in frequency, little or no heat of skin, little or no headache,

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exosmose takes place into the surrounding medium. The cell- wall

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Dr. Ltndon a. Smith, of New Jersey, said amendments to the

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laie the esAaueted nervous eyetem, and excUe those <Jiefnioal ehaaigak

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III. The improvement of the general health may be effected by

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its peculiar effects without matter and the physical and chemical

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coagulation necrosis. They are further of the opinion that in the be-

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the long continuance of pallor after haemorrhages. The fbrin is

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the spinal cord to muscles having peculiar actions subservient chiefly

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24. Temperament, diathesis, and hereditary predisposition, then,

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act by catalysis, by its mere presence in the blood, inducing a series

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is just coming on. Pulse 110, feebler than after the completer-

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fective Development of the Brain in the following chapter. His expe-

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