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aconite, are the chief. They produce numbness, accompanied by a
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extremities, and gradually creeping upwards until it reaches the head
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not absolutely impracticable. Happily the pathologist can examine
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535. Percussion with the points of the fingers is useful in distin-
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generally, in inflammation, though, perhaps, sufficient for practical
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scissors and the diaphragm was cut through, when 3 J pints of fluid, clear and
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and most destitute members of society are exposed there is no more
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marked in those which, like enteric fever and diarrhoea, are dependent on
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the patient would sink into a conaatose state, and die with all the
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mond, instituted upon himself, the amount of urine excreted under
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Towards the close of life the intellect was sluggish, but perfectly
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length it may mount over the orbit, extend over the entire scalp, and
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corpuscles generally average 185.000, and the moist corpuscles
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rested by milk and lime-water, and acetate of morphia. T^p ^
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The Committee of Publication shall have power to furni^ tie
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Mean of 9 examiaations of the blood of 9 cases of malarial fever
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February of this year, sufficient time has not elapsed to allow a comparison
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In the sinking state, strong stimulants, such as hot brandy and
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trunk and spine, so that the whole body is bent forcibly backwards
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Rtjbeska, of Prague, contributes an interesting paper upon this subject.
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III. The improvement of the general health may be effected by
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mesenteric vein injected with 0.4 of a twenty days' old culture in
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potass^e, in doses of from five to twenty drops, three times a-day, in
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in a peculiar form of bronchitis ; in the intestines, in dysenteiy ; in
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tions, to increase the secretion of the liver, and unload the vena portse,
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its entire removal from the body. That the spinal cord, however, does
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venes, and the patient dies exhausted, or suffocated by the rigid spasm
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for the healthy chest, which he then used as standards of comparison
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sorbed, in the soluble form. If the stomach rejects the Sulphate of
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countenance distressed; has a haggard, anxious look; oomplains
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46). Investigations, Chemical and Physiological, relative to certain American Ver-
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Blood coagulated slowly. In the specific-gravity bottle, the


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