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sixty cases the parental syphilis was acquired six years previously or more. See Professor
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munizing and curative substance exist. The extent to which these facts can
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feet and inches; disappearance of frost from the ground. Time of
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membrane of the stomach was in like manner discolored with bile*
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is alkaline ; blue litmus paper to red when the urine is acid. Heat
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slow, while the temperature was 102° F. The patient was restless, at times
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according to the amount of eruption, but generally towards the end of
delsym night reviews
sociation, accompanied by Drs. W. L. Sutton, C. H. Spilman, W.
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dren and in adults. In all cases of earache in which the tissues of the ear
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economy, differ from other excrementitious matters in not being
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Oct. 2d, 2 P. M. Has a chill, and is shaking violently. Pulse
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each other, and affirmed that the system of ganglions (sympathetic
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case. The motor functions of the organ remain satisfactory. Biliary pigment
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lead to irregular action of the organ, and are accompanied by a well-
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Ice should be held in the mouth, and applied around the throat.
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Microscopic examination showed the kidney substance proper sep-
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Treatment. — This form of disease is dependent on progressive
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Handford 3 states that in all fatal cases of typhoid fever examined by
delsym cough cold dosage
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correct physical evils, and lessen human suffering, our profession
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leads to an increase4 secretion of bile, part of which passing into the
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lating these exertions, a well-enforced registration of births, mar-
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Tocal fremitus, and fegophony. If adhesion takes place, the friction
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slight and transient bruit de soufflet, which disappears as soon as the
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debilitate the patient, and in an especial manner was it necessary


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