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of the liver approached more nearly to the normal color than the
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diminish it. They resemble narcotics in reducing the frequency of the
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symptoms, which take place more or less suddenly, according to the
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order: — the action of the heart; the motion of the blood in the
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of them may occur- in other diseases ; but cavernous respiration and
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681. Quantity of blood contained in the system. — The pulse is more
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in the Library of Practical Medicine, vol. iii. p. 18.
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tlie countenance is livid, the eye glassy, the skin covered with a
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or four times a-day, so long only as the urine has an acid reaction ;
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oedema of the lower limbs. In such cases a cure cannot be effected
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Whether the high temperature signifies an effort on the part of
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Pulsation in the epigastrium, like palpitation, is dependent upon
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2. Congestive asthma, or dry catarrh ; 3. Spasmodic asthma.
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advanced, were swollen and of a " deep raw-meat color." This discolor-
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Prognosis. — In the highest degree unfavourable, especially when
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same thing happens in some cases of subacute inflammation, which
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Bouillon is not only a tonic to the stomach but also a perfectly assimilable
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cluded. The inference would appear to be a legitimate one that the
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heart. If we suppose for a moment that in place of a duct conveying
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generally accompanied by bloody or coagulable urine, and is best
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threatening to discharge itself by vesication, or ulceration of the skin ;


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