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expected ? The word reaction explains it all. We must never, then,
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charcoal and camphor ; chlorate of potash in scruple doses.
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stomach and bowels, and is cured by purgatives with the local appli-
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160, and feels like a delicate thread, or is so small that it cannot be
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air than usual, the sound becomes more dull : this happens in con-
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about by the stimulation of the centres of vision in the brain. The per-
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starvation, and exposure, and improper habits, and by hemorrhages,
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the way of such an attempt will be best removed by following step by
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stages of malarial fever contained animal starch, whilst hepatic sugar was absent — Points
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eruptive fevers, but it often complicates them, and constitutes one
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^' However, in the matter of climate, Ceylon stands per se, and


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