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as a sailor on the United States revenue cutter, which has been

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at the stomach, and palpitation of the heart ; there is often an acute

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Zuckerkandl, of Vienna ; McBride, of Edinburgh ; Hodgkinson, of

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the mere displacement of a few drops of the circulating fluid. Of these

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ious compounds formed in the blood. The following table will

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ciple. Hence disease^ may arise independently of the nervous

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From this examination we are now able to present a condensed

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a drachm of pale, entirely clear serum escaped. The brain was found still

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ences were 5 and 8 respectively. It appears from his experiments,

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its surface. The line of its shores is thus carried to the extent of 17,200 miles, an

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not to be found elsewhere. They occur in some epidemics with much

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wants of that Committee are largely drawn from certain localities,

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pening in the present enlightened period of the nineteenth century,

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880. Class III. Depressants.— The action of depressants is

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a. The first indication is to be fulfilled by cold or tepid sponging to

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/every with influenza^ and droivned by the effusion of serum into the

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the cytoblastema or cell-producer, forms the matrix in which a variety

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matic crystals of triple phosphate. This specimen of urine was

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tion? so is tetanus. Does the external wound in hydrophobia

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cal changes of the structures of the muscles, and of the compocndi

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363 experiments on 50 individuals, 1,022*5, The average for 5 indi-

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mation of the lining membrane, or of the pericardium ; chronic dis-


few on the right, but there was not so much swelling in the feet. This

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anywhere in the world. Copyright infringement liabili^ can be quite severe.

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work of nutrition is the liquor sanguinis, or, in other words, the blood

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of elasticity of the aiteries themselves produces the following modifica-

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220. The following table presents at one view the foregoing results

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is disturbed by dreams, and he wakes rmrefreshed. The tongue,

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of the tender vesicle, and a thin scab is formed at the top of the pock,


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