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supply the child cannot be reared, and yet, we are sorry to be obliged
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During this time I nmde some experiments to know whether the
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more active in this respect than magnesium sulphate. In
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Poisoning. — If acid is spilled on the skin, alkalies should
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Deaths in Boston for the week ending Saturday noon, July 25th, 87. Males, 50 — Fe-
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buillag it with a few drops of diluted sulpiiuric acid, and adding to it a solution of
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soon recovered. The left leg was first affected, then the right wrist,
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0. Depression of the heart-muscle lowers the rate or force of the
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mend it to the student as the only text-book to be consulted, although
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top of trochanter to sole of foot, 36 ; breadth of shoulders, 13 ; breadth
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who were so fortunate as to fall into our liarnls. In this respect no
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be injected into the uterus to stop hemorrhage. Again, a
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sacrifice they have made for us in the sympathy which fills the hearts
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following, when she had severe monorrhagia, lasting several days.
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modified, with the intent to fill the canal and openings, and to
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with the movements and vascularity of the stomach, and
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atropine may only exaggerate the secondary depression of
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of that kind, which led to the belief of a bilious obstruction. Pain
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and congestions and reducing temperature in fever by
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while the frequent contact of soot leads to a similar affection of the
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respiration, when inhaled for an ordinary period, or when
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to the shock of tho operation, as there was neither [loritouitis nor hte-
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needed for the 100 soldiers, there must, then, be a current of 4.5 to 5.T
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congestion, constitute the immediate cause of death.
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from their organic solutions in precisely the same manner. (3.)
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should be folded neatly over the end of the stump and retained in
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tissue protein. If the amount of circulatory protein is
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The number of births is very evenl}' distributed among the four sea-


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