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represented at the meeting. They shall receive their appointment

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over-fatigue. The contagion of typhus fever acting upon a strong

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food, cleanliness, regular exercise, the avoidance of exposure to the

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sils increases ; the act of swallowing becomes more painful and more

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People, from having had repeated attacks of periodic disease from

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this method of study, which is briefly as follows : He considers that by

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remedies. The substances which naturally promote the action of the

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stay in hospital patient has been very well and has gained flesh and

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each of several months' duration, had recurred each year without assign-

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tion, claim our first consideration, as constituting the best proxi-

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of Bouchard regarding auto-intoxication are closely followed and the

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depressing effects of the malarial poison upon the nervous appa-

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bile are ejected from the stomach (bilious headache), small doses of

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classed by the toxicologist with narcotic or narcotico-acrid substances,

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of hard labor in the conduction of pathological, physiological, and

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allowed during the inflammatory period, except barley-water, gruel,

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bowels ; thi-ough the diaphragm into the cavity of the chest, consti-

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catgut sutures, and subsequent pregnancy — were noted in three of the writer's

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tion embraces all south of L street, and is in some points not only

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was correspondingly great, and by its evaporation maintained ^

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arterial hue. It is probable that the altered coloring matter, result-

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globe, to their preconceived opinions and stereotyped modes of

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exclusively to this plant. The experiments of Lieut. Maury with

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liver, and forming a thick sheath for the large vessels lying in the

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parenchymatous nephritis always associated with a slight lardaceous change in the kidneys,

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puerperal fever, has been thoroughly estabhshed by more recent

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ties from the cut ends of the hepatic ducts. Bloodvessels of tie

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some directions are required. The first precaution to be observed is,

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rales before and behind. It was with great difficulty that any expecto-

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