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Avith both sounds, they may be complications of disease of the auriculo-

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were, standing, 22; sitting, 19; and lying, 13. Hence the rule

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coughing, increased oppression of the prscordia, nausea, and CaintneBs. It is as

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ingly high temperature, are always favorable symptoms, provided

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ported it across immense continents. It has been calculated that

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employed in lead works, and persons who drink water conducted through

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of the Association and continue his investigations.

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from a single spot, give to the tumour a radiated appearance : the

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An important fact, hitherto mostly overlooked, is that the development of

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his symptoms. These effects vary in every case. In one patient, the

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Causes. — Predisposing. Debility, chlorosis, luxurious living,

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on the application of mechanical and chemical irritants, and of all sub-

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In regard to the implantation of living bone, the author says that the

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plished by all the steam-engines of the world, supposing them to

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more generally partial, often confined to the valves alone, and gene-

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removal of the skullcap. The arachnoid membrane was but slightly

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without the assistance of any foreign connecting, intermediate, or

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ated on, the entire cicatrix being removed and relief again obtained. When

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intestinal canal. It is also a consequence of the acute form.

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by blowing into a bottle, and is caused by the passage of air into a

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visiting obstetrician to the philadelphia hospital, etc. ;

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keep up a gentle affection of the mouth until the symptoms begin to

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the dissolution of these concretions may in some cases be efifected;

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which includes the principle of the composition of statical forces

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Treatment. — Indications. I. To subdue the tenderness of the

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donna plaster, or friction with an opiate liniment. Veratria-ointment

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mind with bodily debility, a combination always capable, without

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coagulable lymph, or of pus mixed with flakes of lymph ; and I'ecent

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one and diminished in the other, the clot will be large in the one case

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sensation, tingling, and increased temperature, are favourable circum-

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That there is a specific microbe of syphilis, the local presence of

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understood that though there is great difference between healthy mucus

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Each delegate and member who has paid his annnal assesmeal,


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