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and the generation of the physical forces which work the machinery,
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to be done, in all cases, is to loosen the patient's neckerchief and shirt
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departure from health is slight, consisting in general languor, slight
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remaining good, and the supply of food unlimited ; or by increased
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Case of Irish laborer^ attacked unih pleuro-pneumonia during con-
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Proposition III. The diminution of (he eapHhry eireuhUion aai
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though the disease itself is of little or none. It is distinguished from
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upon the nervous system, which keeps up a communication between
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effect, but one of much longer continuance. So, also, if two persons
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the construction and disintegration of the tissues and the develop-
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nervous system, and there appear, indeed, to be sufficient grounds to render this
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stomach or bowels, small doses of mercui'ial preparations ; if diarrhoea,
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be made of the treatment proper to colic. Three grains of calomel
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separating the white and the colored births from each other.
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silver, sulphate of copper, cold in the form of douche, &c.
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the importance of prenatal conditions and also of convulsions is fully
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disorder of the digestive organs, from an attack of common cold, or
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to be prefen-ed) or stimulants, according to the degree of the existing
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besides contagion. Thus, local inflammation occurring in broken con-
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