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the pre-existing malady. Whenever fibrinous deposition takes
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On the ConstittUidnal Origin of Local Diseases, and the Local Origin
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life become more complex and less general, and the conditions of
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this is especially the case with the inhabitants of large cities who can-
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the time of their beginning. In only 7.2 per cent, did the disease develop
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possible. Many difficulties have attended the employment of frozen sections
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pelvic fascia is not perforated by the vaginal canal, but surrounds and sends
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flammation, to produce a separation of the aphthje, and to heal the
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for the government of its members ; — should avoid all contumelious
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constituents of the blood-corpuscles and liquor sanguinis. N^*"
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causes of renal disease are the fever poisons, particularly that of scar-
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chymatous goitre. In two of these the tumor entirely disappeared, and in
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upper lid, and apparent exaggerated downward movement of the globe.
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tions in the structure of so delicate an organ as the brain, without
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phate of quina will be the appropriate remedy. A course of sarsa-
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Symptoms. — These also vary with the size and situation of the
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reservoirs on either side, so as to maintain a uniform velocity of not more
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with great indistinctness or total absence of respiratory murmur on
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immunity from the diseases of the first periods. Disorders of the
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A physician who is well versed in all these particulars may lay
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Softening is a common consequence. When contraction of the stomach
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141. The discovery of the true use of the pancreas has thrown
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pulse becomes irregular ; the extremities grow cold ; the skin is
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seen mentioned. Fever is a frequent accompaniment of the attack.
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dations for the services of these sections, and each section was farther authorized
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The Treatment of Neuritis of Inflammatory Traumatic Origin
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centesis of the vitreous chamber, or posterior sclerotomy) as a means of re-
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changes of the color of the seram ; it remains now to state that the
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Contributions from abroad written in a foreign language, if on examination they
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It Differs in its Effects from all Analogous Prepara tions; and it possesses the
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mony, in composition, all which operated freely. The breath was
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perform their functions badly, and those of digestion are naturally as
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What the warm-blooded animal gained in intensity and power, it


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