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papers were highly commended by many of his contemporaries,

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phonation. The voice improves daily in strength. In the

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Several measurements of readership show that The Journal

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cured. This would explain why my results do not agree with those

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This I at first considered as an imperfection in the preparation,

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A period of six weeks was allowed to elapse before the

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with accommodation. Sensation in upper! the knee to the ankle

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Siegendorf, M.D., Mrs. R. Snierski, Mrs. May Spinack, Mrs.

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Our unimpressive progress is not because of a lack of

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Case 3. — J. D., set. 64, was admitted into St. Bartho-

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Harvey, W. F. Bacteriological and Laboratory Technique

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posed to the air, as Mr. Falconar's statement, at page 283, sect. 99,

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vertebrate animals to the lacteals of mammalia was claimed by

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studies — is to assess physician performance in the real world

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Professional Liability Insurance Coverage — Resolution #4 “C”

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This is the difference between pedagogy and andragogy.

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however, “from 1960 to 1974 there has been essentially no

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with the scissors into the pharynx, owing to the drawing up

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the head and recurrent fever in the evening, he, however, only

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physiology, and both are actively contributing to our know-

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Published monthly (since 1904) except semi-monthly in July (13 issues), under direction of the Committee on Publication, by the

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specify the per diem rate, the cost of routine medical care,

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under improved sanitary conditions ; but the next section bears out the

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Government Regulations — Health Care Cost Escalation —

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595 Screening Asymptomatic Women for Endometrial Carcinoma

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tree, and excess mucous production, which, along with

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Cj The lymphatic vessel crossing the popliteal artery.

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was very little fluid in the joint. The tibia was dislocated

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of level according to the demands made upon it, though, except for

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Excepting occasional indefinite attacks of indigestion, her

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brought systematically and swiftly into medical surveiance.

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tending to the symptoms of the disease ; but chiefly from the

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ties with those of the Society. The State Board of Medical

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in the fluids of the part ; as a knot it certainly neither came

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eight each Wednesday morning for an eight-week period

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cardiology, Jewish Hospital, Jersey City; associate attending physi-

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July 14. — Seems better and less weak. Coughed very little

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The Committee on Maternal and Infant Welfare met on

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15. Penn I: Injuries of the gallbladder. Brit J Surg 49:636, 1962.

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Contracts accepted with understanding that rates will

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Galvanic irritability lost in muscles of thumb, the others

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the relation between these two phenomena may be purely

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patients were normotensive on at least one-quarter of their

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phining would be warrantable, and it was, indeed, ultimately


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