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activity of this process act either upon the blood directly, upon the organs

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nature and causes of this peculiar arrangement of the different parts of

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feces, so that a knowledge of the quantity of lime salts in the urine gives evi-

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fevers ; and to state this, is only to relate the fact in reference to

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small intestines together and to the walls of the abdominal czm.

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cases. Errors in diagnosis occurred in 65 (6.5 per cent.). Fifty-four of these

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urine, 0.511. Reaction of saliva decidedly acid. As in the former

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sound almost imperceptible. The beneficial operation of stimulants is

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tone to the fibre, would cure the disease. The action of meroniyon the aVsoifcsrt

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cumbent posture, or on taking a deep inspiration. The persistence of

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case in inflammation of the internal parts of the eye, when the most

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capable of accomplishing definite results when acted upon by forces

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103. There is still one other form of waste which it may be well to

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l would have you obferve its Duplicature, in which are chief-

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Case of remittent fever, converted into congestive fever by exeessUt

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the liquor sanguinis of the living bloodvessels by Ammonia be true,

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first five months the food employed was a sterilized mixture consisting

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upon emphysema of the lungs, contributed by the author to Reynold's

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while that on the sound side is firmly closed ; if the patient is desired to

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of periodical and other evacuations ; long-continued discharges; par-

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the hand 8^ below the normal standard. There is great want of


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