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assistance could be obtained. In this case the concretion had

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and Secretaries of the Association are hereby authorized to carry

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hours the clot commenced to disintegrate and liberate its colored

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adopted with satisfaction in the free States, as indicating the lia-

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The size of this organ, the complexity and delicacy of its stroe^

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of collodion would be ; it constricts the cuticle upon the subjacent

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and the intestines. Several cases are cited which illustrate the view above

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four, or six times a day, about half an hour after each meal, and

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all medical men. Beferring to the numerous facts connected there-

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and uterus ; of the larynx, the respiratory organs, and the glands which

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beam-work of the cells is as yet unbroken ; while in some areas a few

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twenty-four hours, provided the urine submitted to examination be

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the acid to six of water). If sugar be present the spot becomes deep

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further to simplify our views of the process of nutrition.

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Thus far most practitioners are agreed, but much difference of

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