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treated of — merely referring in a cursory manner, chiefly by means

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or the consequence of the effort of coughing ; the pain is not increased

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it a profitable resort for a large class of invalids, viz., those on

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quivocally, conclusively, and absolutely, that the nervous system

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ankle-clonus in 2 cases. In 1 case the reflexes were similar to those in

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pressing causes being known, nor any possibility of importation.

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The membranes secrete mucus, pus, and, in rare cases,

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sulphate of magnesia, ten grains of the carbonate, twenty minims of

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at each beat.) This is the characteristic pulse of phthisis in males,

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upper extremities after the lower had completely recovered.

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affections of the larynx, by the presence of fever and local pain, and by

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paroxysms, lasting on an average between ten and twelve hours, associated

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should also exhibit calomel freely, in doses of three or four gi-ains

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place in the circulating blood, which is not deficient in oxygen?

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they last for several hoars; in such examples the concrelaoQ is

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bled each day in general session, each section shall meet separately

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disease in its most severe form does not admit of being distinguished

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with the apex and anterior margin of the left ventricle. See 1 and 2,

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in 14 of the 38 the nodules could be seen with the naked eye.

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vices of any one or more of the faculty residing near them, whose

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being dangerous to stop a discharge from the ear, the use of various nostra

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knowledge that these concretions may and do form in many cases

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observers, and which have been confirmed by other authorities who

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few days later, however, unmistakable degenerative changes were present.

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strength ; early coming on of coma : the disease being epidemic ; the

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secretory failure. 1 A study of the bacteriology of the carcinomatous

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performing evisceration, in cases where the foetus was impacted in transverse

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60 ; respirations 18, slow and fall. It is probable that the freqaesef

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globules, nor to an increase of fibrin, is conclusively demonstrated

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and leading sometimes to perforation ; congestion, or inflammation of


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symptoms gradually increase in severity until perfect paraplegia with

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valescence the liver parenchyma is fully restored to its former integrity

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Resolved^ That a committee of three be appointed by the chair

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plaining of debility, or of other obscure symptoms of phthisis, or

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III. When the eyelids swell much, and are inflamed, a blister may


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