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fluids. The best combination of this kind which I have hitherto dis-

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habitant, has been so sickly as the present. The air seems ladea

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the jaws are contracted with great force, so that the under lip or the

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are weakness and lameness in one of the legs ; and, though the limb be

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Having in our last annual Beport to the Medical Society of the

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dally if it be mixed with sulphate of quinia, will prove highly l^nnpc^,

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carried horizontally roinid the two sides of the chest ; and to ensure

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left side, with an enlargement and preternatural hardness of the organ,

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saw these collections of cells in the interstitial connective tissue, yet it

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with moisture ; or to excessive heat ; great fatigue ; wounds, especially

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of modern science, that the Creator has constituted the sun ibe

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Crocker, M.D., F.R.C.P., Physician to the University College Hospital,

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state is second to none in this particular, and the symptoms of

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and unexpected outbreak. The following is an outline of a case

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reaction, acid ; uph., U + SI. CI. N. E. P.; ind., U — Sf. A. P. N.;

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opium, and as the reporter was about, in addition, to administer a subcuta-

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•••••■•• 1-4 i-H 1^ r^ l-t pH • • • p^ r-4 r4

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another, may be thus summed up : — There are many original and many

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which show that regions now covered with ice and snow were once

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gested by the New Jersey Medical Society, asking for such changes

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supported by nourishing food, and the liberal use of alcoholic stimu-

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efforts to relieve, and during this time cause moderate annoyance, or

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rather free, but not profuse hemorrhage. At length, an operation

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In very rare instances it has occurred earlier than the eighth year, and

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Prognosis. — Death during a paroxysm at an early age; in rare

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cough; pains about the chest; rheumatic pains in the back, neck,

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by profuse perspiration ; the urine is high-coloured, and deposits a

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ing, and purging ; and in part by the character of the substances

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neighborhood of the ulcer, but nowhere else. The appearance of

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