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Kidneys. — Each kidnej had upon its inferior surface a spot ahosi
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extent. The fibres penetrating the corpus dentatum, the finer fibres in the
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It is most important, however, in just such instances to avoid over-
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nearly 28 miles in length ? Is the morbific agent or agents, which
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The author concludes that (1) the antiseptic treatment is the rational one;
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If we examine the analyses of the urine of those cases of inter-
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great emaciation and debility ; a morbidly clean or fiery-red tongue ;
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tinguished by its affinity for the body of micro-organisms ; (6) their sharp
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tent to which change of climate is beneficial in the early stage of
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found was practically similar to that in the other cases, save that, unlike
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213. Next to the water which is thus removed from the system,
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lating. 4. The more cohesive the food the longer does it remain in
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back and loins, nausea, vomiting, pain in the epigastrium upon pres-
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are falmina and lutera the same
the coincidence, in hectic, of some disease (as pulmonary consumption),
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effects of perfect drainage, and of filling in, building up, and other-
reduced, and it has returned back to within two beats of what it
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tial element of such fresh vegetables as contain a vegetable acid. For
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inorganic bodies ; they have, however, a new set of phenomena,
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der. In four weeks the tumor at the side of the uterus could not be felt,
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and not followed by stupor, aphasia, or insanity. Still very restless and
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of the abdominal incision was sutured to the inner edge of the split
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accompanied by violent pain in the head. After the abstraction
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barley water or its equivalent; if given in measured doses and at stated in-
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504. Milk. — Urine containing milk is turbid, of a yellowish-white
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plained of nothing. Whilst sick on board the ship, he complained
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of districts ten or twelve degrees farther south on the Atlantic
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pneumique ; but a like explanation could not here be invoked, since in the
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of the parts that appeared diseased. The author does not accept Heiden-
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in her life. It is now two years since the operation. She has gained


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