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famvir rxlist
monia and tuberculosis have been encountered elsewhere as follows :
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with wflti^r three or four feet above the patient, the hose is
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and we do not know that it would be different in man. It is always assumed
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phenomena observed in the disease. Whatever may be the
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hyperaemic, as in typhoid fever. Following the healing of the ulcers the
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firmatory evidence of its power for human infection. Pure cultures of in-
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upper rim along the choroid plexus. There is some exudation in the sulci.
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together. There are some instances of a patient with typhoid fever being
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extra- or intracellular poison. Recently, however, J. Walter Vaughan has
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the fluid seemed to improve the condition. Cole suggests that in the study
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variola virus has been passed from the cornea of rabbit to rabbit for four
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daily, they get along easily with two or three urinations in
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rule within three to four days. Theoretically it may be possible that resist-
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The mode of onset, the course of the fever, the pain in the chest, the cough,
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room as is so frequently done. As far as possible the temperature should be
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depriving the subject of the ability to support and rest him-
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Station in Life. — ^The disease is more frequent among the poor than the
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shaped spots. They cannot.be mistaken for sprue, because they are not as
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at the head of it and give him sufficient powers, the occurrence of typhoid
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the population in five-year periods from 1866 is as follows:
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says: "Yes. Quite safe at four or six months." Mynter
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observation there was a general erythema of the scarlatinal type, but lacking
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including those of the respiratory tract, is increased in proportion " (Sajous).
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phenomena observed in the disease. Whatever may be the
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cations, and of unfaithful examiners, we may still further
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must be looked upon as a manifestation of that disease.
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material is lost by karyolysis and the protoplasm takes little or no eosin stain.
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certain forms of cell degeneration with the formation of "chroraidial bodies,"
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fade the danger of transmission diminishes, and during the stage of desqua-
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mav be given. Alcohol may be used if indicated. After the subsidence of
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A rise of two degrees F. is necessary for a positive
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case of measles and scarlet fever the specific agents appear to find suitable


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