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,bettered — as citizens, and to the best of our ability we should seek

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grenous and sloughed. At our meeting this year — May, 1895 — Dr.

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with a glass rod the removed contents, and subsequently by agitation to

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^ Bxeroitatlones Anatom. Chirnrg. Lugd. Batav., 1708.

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of certainty, their course and termination. Thus, whenever, as in

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and the attempt to evacuate the cysts or to remove the scar has been

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gravida who had been treated for an exudate in the pelvis. When preg-

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rence to the offices of the spleen. Whilst Gerlach, Yirchow, and

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perceived across the breast, with distressing difficulty of respiration.

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extent of affecting the system, or by the continued administration of


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