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mere physical effect of cold, loses its force, and the general fact remains,
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of smooth oiled stone. The sonorous rhonchus resembles the snoring
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by purging of bilious or feculent matter, and, when this has been
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case. These groans appear to be entirely involuntary, and depend
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quent elevation during the succeeding twenty minutes, from 92° to
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dew-point than the corresponding periods of other years in which
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In a third case the temperature rose during an attack of coma and
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yellow opaque color, when seen in mass, and of a gamboge-yellow
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will suffice to keep the bowels a little more free than usual by saline
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theory or favor every wild scheme that the visionary or the enthu-
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postures is the different amount of muscular contraction required to
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hitherto observed, has been associated with disease of the abdominal
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the Edinburgh epidemic of 1819. The critical days are 3, 5, 7, 9, 11,
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Dura mater and arachnoid membrane normal ; bloodvessels of
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hippuric acid and the colouring matter of the bile. It throws down
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description of which would occupy too much time. In regard to the
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^ In reflecting upon the nature of intermittent fevers, I have thought that it
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observations, noting : 1st. The mean temperature at 7 A. M., 2 P. M.,
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July 6, 1895) to a case which he recently saw at the Woman's Medical Col-
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tions, in arterial varix, and in valvular disease admitting of regurgita-
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more strength, more rigidity, and, as a natural consequence, a gi'eater
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not well understood, but the changes in the gastro-intestinal canal, at
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Lewin as brilliant, colorless, needle-shaped crystals, of which the formula is
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well from the standard works upon his subject and has shown a keen
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Phys., t. Ixxi. p. 289, and t. Ixxvii. p. 1. Lavoisier on Transpiration, Hem. Aead.
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to be made with great care, in the same position, and in the same con-
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disease from the most severe cases of English cholera.
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with the season, and " epidemic constitution," on the one hand, and
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has been already stated, that our knowledge of disease is rendered
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diuretics, because the permeability of the kidney is the safeguard of the
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from the sternum and thin anterior edges of the Imigs by the pericar-
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the face contract and relax, and contort in every possible maimer,
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come obsolete or antiquated is far from grasping the truth. There is
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population was crowded, and which is now almost deserted, was
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dipped in cold lotions, and constantly renewed. In mild cases the
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B. — Sulphate of quinia gr. v every three hours, up to gr. xxx.
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But the state of the cheek meliorated slowly, and I was particu-
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Javorski's method is of the greatest utility. For although the absence
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lieving with Cicero, that " speculative opinions pass away, whilst
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Pulse 62, regular, full and soft ; respirations, 20. Temperature of
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Treatment. — This must depend on the cause. Mechanical ob-
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gestion, irritation, or inflammation. The mucous membrane of the
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