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tween the molecules, and the sphere of influence of molec-

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suggest that he return after a couple of months for an in

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25. Textbook of Nervous Diseases, Organic and Func-

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zation and savings in the purchase of hospital and insti-

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"Do you take them out before leaving the hospital, as a rule?"

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responded 10 light and accommodation; sight apparently

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with a Classification of Human Ears and a Scheme for

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umgearbeitete und vermehrte Auflage. Wicn und Leip-

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ceived answers of "yes'' and "no." They inquired if some

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regular. Patient was fairly well nourished althou,gh

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occasional dry cough ; throat clear ; no splenic enlarge-

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ninth, tenth, eleventh, and twelfth dorsal vertebrae

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the Study and Prevention of Tuberculosis and the Amer-

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change of position gave no relief. He was inclined to

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est efit'ort to make even an impression upon the evil ;

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as much or as little about the tonsil and its func-

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twentieth century light of all our inherited philos-

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to give full clinical reports for fifty families for one

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but to enable them to preserve their health against

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to be held in Milwaukee, Wis., Septeniber 5-9, 1910.

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six specialists, differing in each case as he consults

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has been expelled the patient feels as if he had got

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thology teaches us that the long bones are the seat

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applying plaster casts. These casts are made to ex-

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to raise the pressure (as do all the passions), but

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Rontgen, then professor of physics at the University

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itself. It still claims the awe inspiring authority

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rhcea was lessened in amount, then it became more pro-

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Ehrlich emphasizes this fact because, since the ad-

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and on the visiting staff are fourteen well known Phila-

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weeks, will result in great amelioration of the con-

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o])eration should be done in these cases even in the

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There were eighty-seven per cent, more females thus

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lins, of Fort Worth. Texas. Dr. Alexander Petrnnkevitch.

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plasm. It anaesthetizes all nerve fibres, both motor

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the following evening he was taken across town in the

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a sewing machine ten hours a day, six days in the week,

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(cited by DaCosta, Keen's Surgery, i, p. 635), Sin-


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