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following vaginal ovariotomy. The writer had an opportunity of witness-

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t Ara^o, Bar la temperature da pule et dee espaees celestes, Annnaire da Bareaa des Long, poor

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prevailed during the first part of the season. The ordinary course

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tions, and assume so many difierent modes of force or motion, as to


rare manifestation not named. Other plates show elephantiasis and

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creased quantity of mucus with the urine, with slight symptoms of

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the bowels are restored to their natural state the patient is well ; so

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of the mucous membrane were more engorged with blood than the

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examination still continued negative. The urine still presented the

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takes place more or less rapidly in different cases, according to the in-

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It is the writer's belief that it is simply because operators have over-

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capillaries of parts to which they are applied to their healthy con-


ter can neither be added to nor detracted from by man, any more

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•with slight knitting of the brows ; the countenance sometimes pale,

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tery ; blood is also passed from internal or external piles ; and occa-

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rishing and generous diet. The decoction of sarsaparilla is generally

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and sponging with cold or wann water must be substituted.

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the clot, and coagulates, forming the inflammatory or bufty coat. The

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cated the existence of chemical actions which would result in the

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Epispadian Arburg, in the museum of King's College, it is stated that

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Exterior surface of stomach and intestines pale. Bloodvessels

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soft and elastic. The advantages claimed for this method are the avoidance

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ployment as a motor excitor, although it has proved far less useful than


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