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pent up in towns, breathing the foul air of crowded workshops, living

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result of a rush of blood past the concretion after its detachment

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736. One general rule applies to diet, as to the employment of

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corneal inflammation from the same cause occurring in about six of a thou-

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connective tissue. These germs were also present in the parenchyma of the

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ploratory incision through the anterior vaginal fornix.

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Exciting. — Intestinal irritation ; dentition ; metastasis of eruptions

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been willing to assist in the preparation of this book. The editor has

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been impaired by excess require a peculiar treatment. Intemperate

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557. Muscular pains exist in pleurodyne, whether idiopathic or the

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importance of the phenomena, and the true direction of scientific

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but if not, the trocar should be introduced somewhere between the

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Treatment. — This must vary with the stage of the disease.

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of iron in the urine corresponds to the deatruotioa of the colored

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or to the abdominal muscles during a violent and abrupt expiratory

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208. By the excretions which have now been examined (those of

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The mucous membranes of the eyelids, prepuce, and labia of the

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example, was spread over the plains, as is practised in the South of

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and contained d6bris of brain-matter of the color of crushed strawberries.

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injury to the nerves in cases of traumatic tetanus. The muscles often

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natural degree, the cold affusion may be employed, or (and this is to

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the paroxysm, the struggle Ibr breath, the aggravation of all the other symptoms,

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air through those parts, by constriction of the parts themselves, or

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its recurrence by. a course of alteratives and aperients, and a strict

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B. — Apply a blister, six inches by six inches, immediately over the

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greatly of pain in his head ; eyes look heavy and stnpid ; toops

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toms of infantile fever. (See Infantile Fevei-, p. 296.) In a second

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filled with serous ftmd, and numerous fine bubbles of air. When the

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ries, have been disturbed; because the regular, normal chemical


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