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phlegmasiae, in which there is a real and absolute increase of fibrin.

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statement that there are no recorded autopsies in cases of pure primary

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fact that various functional disorders may be caused by traumatic in-

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definitely, for the patients from whom the blood was abstracted (the

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purgatives, and if the debility be extreme, the stimulant diuretics

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extensive, we venture to say that when we consider the practical value,

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It has been ascertained in this manner that, in the recumbent position

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718. Many other characters of the respiration, besides increased

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in one moment as the same disease we had seen before in the two

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B. — Mustard to extremities. Stop sulphate of quinia. Continue

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phosphates, at least, has been derived from the dead, disintegrated,

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558. Measurement. — This is effected by means of a graduated tape,

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and compressible pulse ; thirst ; furred tongue ; anorexia ; weakness ;

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Other forms of augmented inner- C Strong mentcd. emotions ; hysteria,

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In a third series of experiments the author studied the influence of phos-

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As all active disease in the spine had subsided, it was decided to remove

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by the mucous and submucous rhonchi. These sounds are often heard

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much fiiTiiness of flesh, with harshly-expressed outlines of the person,

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aperients, the occasional cautious abstraction of blood from the arm,

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nation. There is no impairment of the staining qualities of the bacilli, and

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and furred, the pulse increased in frequency, quick, and often full, and

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chemical change depend, first, upon the perfection and action of

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amount of blood abstracted in local, than in general bloodietting.

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but also by applying the ear over the region of the chest, and the

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continuing free instead of being attached to the suiTounding tissue.

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cies to disease, are of comparatively rare occurrence. A very small

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arises from wounds or injury to the nerves than when proceeding from

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had only 35 per cent, of absolutely primary healings, while since then he

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Diagnosis. — From phrenitis, by the slower progress and less

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The succeeding hot stage was well marked by a full, rapid pulse,

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own crude opinions as to their fitness, to influence his attention to

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instruments will cost not to exceed ten dollars, and if a form of


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