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sixty cases the parental syphilis was acquired six years previously or more. See Professor

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stant nor of any great extent. In some cases of typhus fever the

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she has been free from symptoms of joint trouble, has free use of the

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slight and might readily have escaped notice. The most interesting

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known vastly exceeds the known, and that the great body of Acte

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devices which are well illustrated, and in a very large number of

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almost always with the three classical stages — chills, fever, and sweating.


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Drs. D. W. Prentiss and Francis P. Morgan have investigated the

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Causes. — Predisposing. Continued hot weather in warm climates.

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Axilla 104^.5. Skin hot and dry ; teeth coated with sordes. Ca&*

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more troublesome — ^sometimes demanding a hasty retreat.

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glands increase in size; the skin covering them, and the cellular mem-

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of Physiology and General Pathology. — In this chapter those facts

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it is met with in small points, and occasionally it has been found liquid

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501. Cystine. — This curious substance, which is characterised by

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and the surface of the pleura not adherent, there are feeble respi-

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hy which tone, strength, and energy are maintained in the organs over which they

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doses of from the sixteenth to the twelfth of a grain, given three times

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rature, the muscular force and the nervous force, depend absolutelj

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suppository of one or two graiins of opium may, at the same time, be

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^'feeble," " delicate," applied to health, show how generally this

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ville — which slough is supposed to have once been the bed of the

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cation, and especially when perseveringly employed in exaggerated

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opium every one, two, or three hours, according to the urgency of the

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abscesses, were altered into a cheese-like substance. Under the

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the liv^r, appeared to be just recovering from the effects of malarial


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