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of other parts, or with symptoms of disease of the brain.

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nearest the surface, drying into a scab, renders the protection more

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tingling, or foi-mication, and an awkward straggling gait. These

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softening may have been the result of partial decomposi^ii.

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O71 Tradieotomy in Membranous Group. — Dr. A. V. Dougherty,

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whole length of the aorta. The blood in the vena cava was coaga-

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Treatment. —The general treatment is that of other forms of mus-

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interest, but of too great extent to receive more than a passing notice

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young persons, and they should be selected, if practicable, from such

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ment of the law of gravitation, were the facts of the planetary

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Can the cerebro-spinal nervous system induce alterations in the

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in the development of organic disease, and in the hemorrhage and

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causing regua'gitation into the jugular veins, known as the venous

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long tenacious flakes of membrane are brought up by coughing, their

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jected into the mesenteric vein. Animal killed July 7th, 5 p.m. (three

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is connected with obstruction on the right side of the heart in the

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minds to the belief that the destruction of the colored blood-cor-

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830. Cold has already been mentioned more than once as a remedy

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This experiment is open to several objections. Bouchard, and latterly

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MM. Leonard and Foley, of Algiers, concluded firom their exami-

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fatal cases. In Case IX. of my series pneumonia followed the disease

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They resemble those produced by depositions of lymph on the sui'face

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deaths were caused by this disease, which, with the present record

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duced by various poisons, as the woorara, ticunas, and curare, by large

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ance with the literature of the subject is shown in the bibliographies

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effect to be produced. He must know the accomplishments of those who

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cines he employed, will, the Author trusts, combine to

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years, with the usual appearances, and resulting fatally in* very

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oflsens), which, in addition to branchial apparatus, has a capacious

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of the Impulse of the Heart, and the Agencies which Influence it

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