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larger number of cases they are so blended that it is difficult to say

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pulse, in the ascertained absence of any disease of the internal organs

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action of the absorbents is in opposition to the notorious facts that

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be partial, and the physical signs more limited in their extent. Pleurisy

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Diagram of vertical mesial section of female pelvis, showing contracted utero-sacral ligament,

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that she wore on the former occasion. Correspondence with the Italian

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Sept. 18th, 11 A. M. Chill is now just going off. Pulse, 112 ;

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(patient being up on third day), wound healed per primam, and bone

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where, except in the palm of his hand. Skin not warmer than

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dry cough ; difficulty of breathing ; shooting pains in the chest, re-

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Symptoms. — An acute fixed pain and sense of burning heat in the

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terate the passage. In the one case, purgative medicines act, though

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composed of conglomerated granules, resembled the bodies found

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vessel, it occasions him to start with great dread and horror, and the

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healthy ; and hospitals for the sick should be spacious, cleanly, and

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cause of the rheumatism and to abandon the idea of the etiological unity of

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into the bladder, by means of an elastic gum bottle and catheter, twice

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foand alterations in the blood and organs, that the effects were

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same time, be used with much advantage, and the ulcers may be fre-

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by pressure, and, in some cases, yomiting. These symptoms are fol-

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vomiting, and hurried respiration. In unfavourable cases, the pain

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99.25°. Beaction of saliva acid ; urine of a deep orange color-

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tion in the tissues, when occurring in association with active tertiary

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* ?dol.a.n \youId have you tear off this Coat with Tcur

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that the blood-corpuscles are increased in the earlier stages of

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(by that which is supplied with nerves) ; a difference which may serve to ei^laia

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which the results of experiment differ more widely than this. Vier-

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uniform, and central enlargement of pregnancy, the lateral enlarge-

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th.em the force and energy are borrowed with which they operate in the functions

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albumin, sligbest possible trace; sediment, chiefly vaginal epithelium

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this disordered action afEect the nutrition of the M^Uariesf

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flammation which is so peculiarly apt to follow on dissection wounds

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In the cases presenting anaemia the oedema developed slowly over a period


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