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time of elimination is long and not very intense, the

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tion of scar tissue were ftilly discussed in court,

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charge of the educational curriculum in ptiblic and

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V\(,. 3 — Lumbar segment, showing degeneration in the lateral

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age operation of hysterectomy is not a particularly

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these few otherwise nori^ial. we should favor their

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then she nearly filled the chamber with blood. She called

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they, during iheir tiiiic of paying penalty for crime

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sula ; in other words, where the lamp of vital sta-

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died in Heiden, Switzerland, on Sunday, October 30th,

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cal cure of pain in the ovaries, for the relief of pain

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Gehraman) ; September 19th, +-f ; October 5th, -f-f

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entitled The Relation of Experimental to Human Polio-

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serum in opsonizing bits of carbon so that they are

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absence from November 12, 1910, under paragraph 210,

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the nerve cells in these diseases and perhaps capable

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the trabeculation was present in a marked degree, it

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tions, is a very specific matter, and does not neces-

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show deposits on the posterior surface. Tension is normal in con-

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tween the time of starting the ether and the attain-

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Service at the annual meeting of the Association of

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the most efficient ways of controlling the municipal milk

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trior capsule of the lens, and often escapes through the pupils into

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the pyogenic germs discharged into the oil from the

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had It been above 104, respirations were 36, temperature,

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ophic wisdom — to learn from the text of Diogenes

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unworthy nurse maid, who ofttimes excites for her sexual gratifica-

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diabetes resulting. The conclusion is justitied that

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produces a tinge of color to the cement which natu-

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vember 19th. Dr. Joseph Finn, aged seventy-seven years.

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conjunction with living tissue cells, and their inter-

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geon, during the time that the patient is going un-

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Dr. D. A. Eiseline, of Shortsville ; censors, Dr. C. F. Nei-

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It is by means of natural selection that the various

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The dura was opened, and the brain appeared normal. The

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placed physicians professed, and subscribed to, the

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daily standardization of reagents (except antigens,

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1. The Circulation as a Factor Which Determines the

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Point, yet 'tis certain, the Notion itself was just and

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The following history is that of a pancreatic diabetes of un-

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THE WM. MEYER CO., 12 So. Clinton St., Chicago, III,

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of the inner rod to form a concavity which hugs the ischial

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by the constant sight of the figures in magazine illus-

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tiseptic. In a case of one nine year old patient a rash


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