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scybala, of uterine affections, of pregnancy, &c. Strangury^ an aggra-
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only in the amount of urine secreted, but in the quality of the urine.
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mation extends to the mucous membrane of the stomach, there is pain
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favorable culture-medium such as a raw surface. Hence the practical
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to the Association which represents it, but efficient co-operation
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* In obetetrio pracUoei fifty jean since, one in siztj died ; while now, according
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ether and absolute alcohol. The collyria employed are made up with boiled
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with blood and renal epithelium adherent, little free blood and renal
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ble, has been the case during the last year, from the half-drained
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green colour, but if added in excess, it changes it quickly to a dingy
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ments are partly due to an excited state of the reflex function, and
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ance of wine or brandy. Close attention shoiild be paid to any
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disease, precisely similar to that of the above child, unless that
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You are the rightful representatives of the great American medical
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surface ; or the whole tongue is of a bright-red colour with prominent
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latory system show a corresponding degree of development. The
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blood contained in all the vessels of the part ; the svselling from the
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if the disease returns, it is met by the same routine-system of
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the case in genei-al debility, or in debility of the heart itself, in ob-
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Prognosis. — The disease is rarely fatal of itself, but is apt to be
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Causes of their Impurity, and the Best Methods *by which they can
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twelve hours ; more generally they remain for many days, and fre-
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Was the effusion of blood upon the brain the result of the acdoa
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is too large in quantity, or of too nourishing a kind. If the patient is
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trabeculsd gave way under a slight pressure, and the fingers
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ticularly for the depuration of matters rich in carbon.
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known lectures, published more than thirty years ago, embody nearly
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blood and serum was always found to have fallen below the standard
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cases, and with apparent reason, to the excessive indulgence in strong
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ance. Even in cases in which tonics will eventually be needed, they


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