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they have every microphysical character of this, and in

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Pearson, of St. Bartholomew's Hospital ; A. B. Roxburgh,

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Otficer of Health for the Alnwick Rural Sanitary District, vice George

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surgery, and midwifery for the purpose of granting a diploma

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chairman of the Medical Committee of the Barony Parochial^

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operation, nor did he complain of headache. The icecap

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AVe understand that the Metropolitan Asylums Board have

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Harlesden ; Dr. E. Sephton, Bedford ; Dr. W. W. Stainthorpe, Saltbnrn-

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of general progress, together with the manly and steadfast

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far as it is studied in the dissecting room. Histology and

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ment, and invariably after operations involving the ligation.,

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as well as the vulva and vagina, carefully asepticised. The

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Marshall, London; Member; Mr. J. MacVIunn, London; Dr. S. H.C.

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On admission on March 6th. It91, the patieut waiS au;cinic ; theie was

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ply, unhappily, was not equal to the demand, very much

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On Octobei -9th the patient came to ask when I proposed

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therefore, retrograde, and the Society of IMedical Officers,

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Although it is clear tliat the hot-water pipes have been


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