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myrrh may also be advantageously employed. In very severe cases,

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sumption; lungs, inflammation of; dysentery^ dyspepsia, &c.

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is the first occasion on which he has had an outbreak of purpura ; with

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15 percent glycolic acid cleanser

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the lens was wounded during the iridectomy in one case, and in another free

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glottic tract was the most frequent seat of syphilis, tuberculosis, morbid

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cooler than normal. Tongue by the gas light appears clean, li

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excretions, and the action and integrity of the organs depend, in

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verest headache relieved; and the dulness, and even profound coma

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such as flashes of light, musical notes, &c. ; in the lungs, dyspnoea;

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stimulants in persons previously accustomed to their use. These may

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absence of disorder in the functions of the alimentaiT canal.

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inquiries of the patient as may be necessary to satisfy him of tk

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with the greatest benefit to the interests of the medical profession,

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The general, or constitutional symptoms of inflammation also vary

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To remedy the loss of phosphates, magnesium and calcium, the glycero-

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fever present, a sixth of a grain of tartar-emetic maybe combined with

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flammatory disorders results from fibrinous deposit, and to indicate

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which includes the principle of the composition of statical forces

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and body will often succeed in preventing a paroxysm. Electricity

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brandy and infusion of Virginia snakeroot, tablespoonful every

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The above are the main defects of the work, and are but slight when

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fibrinous concretions can be artificially produced in animals during

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Mem. de la Soc. Ghir. de Paris, T. xx. p. 325, in which the following appears:

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mouth in new-born infants disposes it to become the seat of erythe-

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ranks should found their expectations of practice upon the extern

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confidential. Neither by words nor manner should any of the

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also iu the blood of the livers, taken from patients who have died


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