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are also of frequent occm'rence, of which the most common are

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action. It may be given in doses of from one-eighth to one-fourth

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cities, and of the third law of motion, by Galileo — the confirmation

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in the size of the organ, and are accompanied by obstinate jaundice and

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which includes the principle of the composition of statical forces

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illness ; a previous attack of scurvy ; indolence ; depressing passions,

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of Magnetism to Diamagnetism," by M. PlUcker, Poggen. Ann., Oct., 1847 ; trans,

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scarcely doubted, are manifestations of one great force." This learned

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ing, at 7h. P. M., between the hind leg of Ursa Major and Coma

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so to unite tenderness with firmness^ and condescension with authority^

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first intention. The sinuses were packed with iodoform gauze, with drainage

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whose antero-posterior diameter ranges from 6^ cm. to 8^ cm., in thirty

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fallacy. I have succeeded in accomplishing this purpose by the

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and mallet. The dura was opened, and the centre for the right arm located

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rapid, bounding pulse, and rapid, full respiration, and high tem-

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all the more complicated forms of vegetable existence disappear,

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diverticulum for any surplus water or nutritive materials in the

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decline on the fifth day, is very indistinct on the sixth, and wholly

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followed by a periodical discharge of blood from the lungs, which

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In summing up the results of his investigation, Janowski expresses himself

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energetic and vigorous treatment. It was impossible to aroase the

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Date 30 31 1 2 8 4 5 G 7 8 10 11 12 13 14 15 10 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 20

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fluid dirty, brown, often bloody, and very glutinous, and mixed with

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order of plants destitute of chlorophyll an extensive group of fungi whose

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In dyspeptic subjects, the tonic bitter infusions are indicated. The

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ferent specimens of healthy urine, and the equally wide variations in

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culation are increased in frequency and force. In other words, the

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tion, weakness of the external ocular muscles (insufficiency)." That there

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or mode of force it appears, always stands in direct relation with

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Remedies. — Mercurial preparations administered with a view of

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and man; but there are other differences of more rare occurrence,

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The left ankle was swollen on the 21st and remained swollen up to the

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The temperature under the tongue is 8^, and the temperature of

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JE «0 rH « CO CO »a Ci eO C^ CO <0 I-H C<!1 CO t- C^ CO i-i 00 00

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exception of this discoloration, the mucous membrane of the sto-

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ment that the art of prognosis is one of unusual difficulty, and that it

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siderable as in itself to prove the utility of this mode of testing the

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fied with mountains, valleys, and plains — another is surrounded by

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From hcematemesis. — The blood thrown up in haBUiatemesis is


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