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verse — worked by forces, always the resultants of the chemical

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In the discussion, Cerenville agreed with the author as to the frequency of

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The woman went on to full term and was delivered normally without

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beyond a few rude estimates. The number of respirations in a minute

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disease being due to some remote irritation conveyed to the spinal

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distressing symptoms are due in a great measure to the formatioo

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takably to the flooding and purifying rains, as its efficient cause,

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the disappearance of acetone in from two to four days, a diminution occurring

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ments occupied for shorter spaces of time, 75 cubic feet per hour

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large doses. In the commencement of convalescence, simple fari-

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sulphate lessens the destruction of the albuminoids and of organs rich in

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Treatment. — Indications. I. To prevent the absorption of the

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Chlorotic girls are often supposed to labour under organic diseases

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ferent degrees of inflammation, and of the various secretions thrown

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of the regular practitioner of the healing art to extol the powers ot

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fourth of a grain in a pound of water) to have some effect if taken freely

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Remedies. — Local. A blister to the cheek. Quinine, camphor,

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are not positive that all parts of this definition are consistent. To

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evident that during the febrile excitement the urea is greatly in«

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dark particles found in the malarial liver, and in the sediment of

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site of the bronchial tubes, or heard on one side, when not audible on

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the febrile reaction has subsided. Previous to the employment of serum-

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ber's vote be counted as equal to the whole number present from

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the nei'vous centres, as to merit a separate consideration in this place.

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The patient should be engaged in some exercise or pursuit that will

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stimuli, and, as in the case reported by Dr. Graves, remain unaltered

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Extremely acute pain should lead the practitioner to foretell shingles,

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Perhaps there is something in the constitution of very young infants

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Symptoms. — Small-pox modified by a previous attack of the

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change be not the direct and immediate effect of external injury), or

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crust of our globe had been united with mercury instead of with

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force of the spasm which it occasions, is generally relieved hy firm

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the pulse and breathing, cold diminishes the frequency of both. Sleep,

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gether determined, by the state of system upon which the disease has


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