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years; usual limits three to eight years; most common period the

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Pus in the veins of the uterus, and in the joints ; inflammation, and

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^cal Journal^ for 1868. Suflice it to say that in the autumn of 1847

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dried bladder. It occurs only in emphysema of the lungs, and is most

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extreme anxiety and restlessness ; decubitus on the back, the body

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most frequent and serious error is to regard the case as one simply of

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to the depth of a metre, not only to protect the water from the sun's rays,

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On the other hand, whenever the quantity of blood is greatly increased,

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diet prescribed : if the diet is not sufficient, a single grain of hydrar-

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ened, and of the dark slate-color usual in malarial fever. When

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Kirikow has recently examined the gastric juice in six cases of hyper-

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little or no bound HC1 exists, even though HC1 be afterward freely added

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quantities? Ought not stimulants and tonics to be classed together,

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symptoms are sometimes ushered in by shivering, and generally pass

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in type — its invasion, symptoms, and progress have been found

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cessary that are not easily borne in mind, and with regard to which

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hand warmer than the head or any other part of the body. Cod-

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possibility of the union of progress and conservatism, of the com-

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rature of atmosphere, 79^ F.; temp, of hand, 89; temp, under

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Eationale. — A febrile state of system, with a relaxed and weak-

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the formation and distribution through the liver of peculiar dark-

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a portion of its chief constituents. In the destruction of the effete

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Holtsmann, Manheim, 1845. See also Taylor's Scientific Memoin, vol. iv. p. 189.

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the great disturbance of the circulation, with the strong determination

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indications. As adjuvant treatment in this first stage are cod-liver oil in one

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Surgeon R. H. Quill reports that of thirty-six cases two died, a gratify-


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