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tends toward the normal, reaching it thirty-five minutes after the instilla-

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(Pasteur Institute of New York) produced it in 22 per cent, on the (average)

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impulse of the heart continued through the capiUaries. It is also

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low urea, low chlorides, and contained occasionally hyaline casts. Al-

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die sLimendus.) The dose of the acid to be cautiously increased, if

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cline. That congestion of the meninges or cedema of the brain is not

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disorder, accompanied by jaundice, is another complication. All the

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from Dr. Ends Hoyt, of Transylvania, Mass., and another on a

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ventricles of the brain, and pus in points where the extravasation

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Proposition IV. The higher the temperature of the trunk during

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color of the liver in malarial fever is changed from the normal

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99. In an adult, arrived at his full growth, in perfect health and

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known that saline medicines are of great efficacy in promoting that

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nomena corresponding exactly with those constituting the sympathies — an action

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the blood negative ; those from the bile, liver, and spleen give numerous

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Schapringer : Klin. Monatsbl. t. Augenheilk., 1893, vol. xxxi. p. 309. Two cases.

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tincture of iodine, and carefully examined under the microscope;

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dogma, to the rejection of the accumalated experience of the pro-

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Diagnosis. — From other forms of diabetes, by the saccharine

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19. Hereditary diseases, as distinguished from hereditary tenden-

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The ovaries, like other glands, have a secretion peculiar to themselves, which

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warm and cold-blooded animals. The maintenance of tbe short,

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in many cases, when not the effect of injury, by pain and sense of

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Tweedy (quoted by Lang) : Loc. cit., p. 42. One case.


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