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so impair the strength as to predispose to diseases of the low type

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normal in color and texture, as far as an examination with the

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and the Heating of the Conducting Wire which accompanies it," by R. Claasins,

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a. More venous than usual. f Morbus coeruleus, &c.

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The record of a marriage should state, so far as can be ascer-

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weakened by previous disease; little reduction of strength; moist

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ing dissolution. The nerves, too, have great effect on the secretions, as

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bones may also become carious in consequence of the pressure to which

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the changes in position of the normal uterus depending upon the con-

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the introduction of the comforts and ameliorations of civilized life.

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flammation which is so peculiarly apt to follow on dissection wounds

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much fuller and stronger than during the state of prostratioa.

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the faeces is very small, not exceeding about a scruple in weight, it

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''The sympathetio nerve presides over the function of nutrition, not only be-

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"This alteration of the blood consists of a diminution of its fibrin.

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order. I write, therefore, from these sources of natural information.

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thrown on the chest, removes an hysterical fit, excites the nervous

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whelm the former. And, flnally, as the cerebral system, when it is stupefied, as it

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17th, 12 M. Continues to improve ; tongue red, but dean m

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quent upon the violent purgation and vomiting. Pulse, 94; respi-

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circulation than iron (independently of its other and valuable sub-

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nister during the twenty-four hours. Diet, mutton soup, boiled

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valvular affections, 15 had dilatation of the heart; 24 patients complained

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hardly become dry during the summer, except in the cleared spots


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